Painting boosts your memory skills. People who are involved in drawing, writing, and painting are at a lower risk of developing memory-related illnesses during their older age.

Drawing is a perfect way to express inner emotions and feelings without words. One can easily overcome shyness and bump-up self-confidence. It has been seen that people who are involved in a creative activity have better consciousness as compared to the ones who don’t. So, pick up the brush and start painting your imaginations.One can simply improve their communication skills by getting in the habit of drawing and painting. Since art is the only way to express feelings without verbal communication, one can project their unutterable emotions through fine artwork like Sketching. Art is effective in helping people break free from their personal limitations. It enables individuals to surpass their weaknesses, which include shyness, autism, and other disabilities.

Everybody agrees that making art is an effective way to enhance creativity. But apart from boosting creativity, art also promotes fine motor coordination. When an individual engages in any form of art as a hobby, dexterously handling a paintbrush ultimately leads to increased mobility in the muscles of hands and fingers. Other activities like tearing and scrunching paper, pinching clay into pits, threading beads, etc. are all ways to exercise fingers, hands, and wrists.

Motor skills improve as you gain dexterity; strength and flexibility; and hand and eye coordination after working with different kinds of objects and materials. The fine motor skills developed with art eventually become mental shortcuts that are implemented by our brain in day-to-day life.

A growing body of researchers underscores that there is a positive connection between the creative process of making art and our personal happiness.


Art is undeniably a powerful therapeutic tool. Throughout history, visual expression has been used as a form of healing. Talent isn’t a key element when it comes to art therapy. Art therapy revolves around the concept we all have a gift of creativity within us. When our inner creativity unfolds, it takes us on a healing journey and renders benefits like personal growth, self expression and wellness.